Orange Textable documentation

Welcome to the documentation of Orange Textable.

This documentation is divided in five main sections (see detailed contents below):

  • The Introduction offers a brief overview of what Orange Textable can do, as well as how it should be installed and configured. This is what you should read first if you are unsure whether Orange Textable is the right piece of software for your needs or how to set it up.
  • Section Getting started is a tutorial that introduces the basic concepts underlying Orange Textable and its main usage patterns. This should be your first reading once you’ve determined that Orange Textable can be useful to you and installed it.
  • In the Cookbook section, you’ll find a number of concise, illustrated recipes describing how to perform various basic tasks with Orange Textable. When starting a new project, you might want to skim through this section in case some elementary operation you need is listed there.
  • Section Case studies presents several illustrations of the application of Orange Textable to more complex and interesting problems in text data analysis.
  • The Reference is an exhaustive explanation of the role and effect of every component of Orange Textable’s interface. The purpose of this part of the documentation is to help you find a specific piece of information about Orange Textable’s operation when using it for your own projects.