1.2. Keyboard input and segmentation display

Typing text in a Text Field widget is the simplest way to import a string in Orange Textable. This widget emits in output a segmentation containing a single segment whose address points to the entire string that was typed. This segmentation is assigned the label specified in the Output segmentation label field (see figure 1 below):

Example usage of widget Text Field

Figure 1: Typing a simple example in widget Text Field.

This widget’s simplicity makes it most adequate for pedagogic purposes. Later, we will discover other, more powerful ways of importing strings.

The Display widget can be used to visualize the details of a segmentation. By default, it shows the segmentation’s label followed by each successive segment’s address and content. A segmentation sent by a Text Field instance will contain a single segment covering the whole string (see figure 2 below).

Example usage of widget Display

Figure 2: Viewing a simple example in widget Display.

By default, Display passes its input data without modification to its output connections. It is very useful for viewing intermediate results in an Orange Textable schema and making sure that other widgets process data as expected.